– ‘When thoughtful strategy and design meet, we believe it has the extraordinary ability to connect people, spark imagination, add beauty to the world and affect great change’ –

The driving forces behind multifaceted creative agency DLVS, Mark de Leeuw and Monique van Steenbergen, have a knack for design – both classic and contemporary – since their early start in the 1990s. While working with many high-end luxury brands in both the fashion and lifestyle space over the years, their approach has remained small-scale. To keep things personal and very personalized. Not to mention, to maintain a keen eye to detail and quality above all else.

Common sense. Candor. Good Energy. Thoughtful. Eye to detail. Finger on the pulse.
Common sense. Candor. Good Energy. Thoughtful. Eye to detail. Finger on the pulse.

At DLVS the small and incredibly talented team is at the heart of the business. Each member with their own knowhow, so the puzzle piece of a project comes together seamlessly. DLVS therefore offers full-scale creative consultancy options: from concept development to design and art direction, branding and strategy, all the way to the end project. Rooted in not just a creative but also a strong strategic proposition to build brands, campaigns, and experiences with lasting impact.

With over 25 years of experience under their belt, the founders of DLVS have carefully carved out a niche for their agency. Relying on their expertise and their extensive network – from visual storytellers to skilled brand builders, the finest photographers with a wide range of aesthetics, and detail-obsessed designers.

Along the line DLVS organically expanded from fashion into other industries. To also pivot into specialty real estate projects which has now become a real forte for the agency. Large-scale and therefore multi-faceted projects.

Proudly based in Rotterdam, a no-nonsense, hardworking mentality with a positive outlook is ingrained in the DNA of the DLVS team. This also happens to be a quintessential characteristic for the culture of the people in the harbor city of Rotterdam. A city that’s come to be known as a Dutch capital of design and innovation, an environment DLVS thrives in.