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District West

Real Estate


Breeding ground for
collaboration & creativity

Three office buildings and a new space for innovation, spanning over 100,000 square meters in total, are constructed by APF International and partners in Amsterdam. This District West is part of a larger redevelopment plan for Sloterdijk, an area on the west side that’s rapidly growing more popular. This sustainable business district is all about fostering collaboration and creativity. The overall look is robust and industrial, suitable to the neighborhood, but with a beating botanical heart that comprises lots of flourishing greenery.

District West - The Nest
District West branding

DLVS did branding for this area: from the creative concept and design of several marketing tools. To also reintroduce this real estate project that’s newly developed and in need of a proper introduction.

District West - Landingpage
District West - branding

Growing the new standard,
embracing the future.

Launch Tree of Hope @ Wink
Launch Tree of Hope @ Wink
District West - logo animation


APF International
Angelo Gordon
Peak Development


Art direction
Marketing strategy
Social media
On site signing


In close collaboration with Studio Beige and a special thanks to Bas Fenkel Frank