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Justin Alexander

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Justin Alexander SS19 - Toulon

It’s a wholehearted family affair

Justin Alexander SS19 - Toulon
Justin Alexander SS19 - Toulon

Justin Alexander’s eponymous marquee collection is designed with the complexity of the modern woman in mind. Coming onto the bridal design scene in New York in 1946, the company quickly embraced the idea of fashion as an expression of femininity, beauty, and confidence. The mid to high-end bridal gowns feature vintage inspiration in a fresh and contemporary way.

Justin Alexander SS19 - Toulon
Justin Alexander SS19 - Toulon

DLVS has overseen multiple productions for the brand: from concept development to art direction and production for campaign photography and films.



Justin Alexander

SS21 Marseille
SS20 Sicily
SS19 Toulon
SS16, SS17, SS18


Art Direction
Photography & film
Brochure design


A special thanks to Paul Bellaart, Michelle Duijn, Hotel Rebel, cast, crew and locations