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A proud reflection of the neighborhood

Traditionally a working-class neighborhood in Rotterdam Zuid, Afrikaanderwijk was up for both a celebration and reinvention of sorts. The colorful neighborhood with lots of history has a bright future ahead with new social and cultural initiatives popping up by the day. This message needed to be brought to life through a bold marketing campaign.

Brand campaign Afrikaanderwijk
Brand campaign Afrikaanderwijk

DLVS collaborated with Perron 14 on this project. DLVS’ contribution meant bringing in both models and real residents including entrepreneurs, all street-cast-, for the campaign. Showcasing the pride and positivity that Afrikaanderwijk bestows on its residents, it sheds new light on the neighborhood improving its image. All in all, DLVS was responsible for concept development, art direction and production of this campaign for outdoor and print. As well as the overall concept for Afrikaanderwijk, web and brochure design, creation and production of several documents for the construction plan.

Brand campaign Afrikaanderwijk
Brand campaign Afrikaanderwijk


Gemeente Rotterdam


Art direction
Outdoor and print advertising
Various online tools
On site signing


DLVS in collaboration with Perron14. A special thanks to Ellie Uyttenbroek, cast and crew.