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Lillian West

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Running with wild horses

Lillian West SS21 - Camargue

Lillian West is acclaimed designer Justin Alexander’s bohemian collection of wedding dresses that simultaneously offers an effortless ease. Whimsical details as well as a both elegant and adventurous feel all come together in a Lillian West custom dress. This campaign, shot in the stunning French region of Camargue also known for its horses, embodied more of that sense of joyous adventure together.

Lillian West SS21 - Camargue
Lillian West SS21 - Camargue

Free-spirited romance

Lillian West SS21 - Camargue
Lillian West SS21 - Camargue

DLVS has been commissioned for multiple projects for Lillian West. The agency has worked on concept development, art direction and production of campaign photography as well as films.


Justin Alexander

SS22 Netherlands
SS21 Camargue
SS20 Sicilie
SS16, SS17, SS18


Art Direction
Photography & film
Brochure design


A special thanks to Paul Bellaart, Michelle Duijn, Hotel Rebel, cast, crew and locations