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A bespoke bathroom experience

Dutchman Gijs Vrind married his experience in real estate with his love and network in Italian craftsmanship when he founded his company Tortu. His mission since 2012: to make high-end bathroom design more accessible. Both notable and playful, the Tortu showroom isn’t just about original and timeless products – from ceramics to toilets and art consultation – but also about a bespoke experience.

Tortu - brochure
Tortu - brochure
Tortu - brochure

Said experience needed to be conveyed through a new branding campaign showcasing the latest collection. DLVS had been looking after campaign images for Tortu for longer, so already acquired a thorough understanding of the brand. From here on DLVS looked after repositioning and rebranding for Tortu. Including reinterpreting the branding in close collaboration with Tortu’s creative director, Lex de Gooijer. As well as designing the website, shop and brochure and pinpointing the overall visual language.



Tortu World


Repositioning and -branding
Art direction
Various online tools


DLVS in collaboration with Lex de Gooijer
and Studio Ilse van Klei